The iPhone is becoming one of the most popular ways to surf the internet and now one of the most popular internet applications has come to the iPhone. StumbleUpon announced that it had created an application that will work to enhance your iPhone browsing experience, using similar features found on the standard PC version of StumbleUpon.

For those who are unfamiliar with the app, StumbleUpon is a great way to find or “stumble” on interesting websites that suit an individual’s particular interests. In addition, you can make good use of all the reviews and rankings submitted by fellow StumbleUpon members to help you out even further. Users can start using the application after they create a StumbleUpon account and fill out their details and preferences. Once this is done, you can start stumbling away. Keep in mind that the app is also integrated with channels such as Flickr and YouTube. Sharing your favorite stumbles and other discoveries is also very easy, you can choose a variety of sharing options including Facebook, Twitter and email.

Some of its main features are as follows

  • Ability to stumble across thousands of websites based on preferences ranging from arts and crafts to science and technology
  • Ability to review, edit and share your own personal favorites
  • Ability to store and keep track of your favorite stumbles
  • Ability to integrate your favorite social networking sites to enhance your stumbling experience
  • Ability to use random or specific search options

The Application can be customized to suit slower connection speeds. The settings are easy to adjust so you can easily customize the app according to your needs. Furthermore, new updates will allow users to view text messages and email while using the application. The application itself is free and is certainly one of the best internet applications out there. StumbleUpon has delighted PC users for years now and it is great that this wildly exciting (and addictive) app is finally available for the iPhone.