Following police raids by the London City Policy in, five men and one woman were arrested.  London City policy arrested five men and one woman following raids in Birmingham, Essex, London and Middleborough on Wednesday. The individuals are accused of defrauding O2 and other mobile phone network providers in a full-scale five-month scam involving global premium line scam.  While originally the scam was thought to involve only network provider at a cost of 1.3 million, it soon emerged that the scam was in fact far more complicated than previously thought.

The scam involved over buying more than 900 iPhones under fake names and then used to dial £10 per minute lines owned by the fraudsters, leaving the phone companies to pay the bill. The hugely popular iPhone mobile device sells for around $599, depending on the version you are interested in. The phone can be bought as an unlocked version or with a contract, if it is available with your mobile service provider. The vast scale of the operation has surprised law enforcement officials throughout the country. The suspects are also accused of building an elaborate network of front companies to launder the illegal profits and keep their identities a secret in the process.

Mohammed Butt, 47; Abrar Arshad, 35, of Essex; Loretta Charlton, 21; Niklil Jamsandekar, 32; and Abioloa Salami, 29, were charged with conspiracy to defraud. The individuals are also being changed with the conspiracy to conceal £4.5 million in illegal profits between January and August of 2010.

Another man named Ade Deji James, 24 is being charged with possessing a SIM card, letters and other documents for use in fraud.  According to Police, all the individuals will appear at the City of London Magistrates’ Court. However, police also confirmed that three other men are on police bail while police are interviewing another two.