Grooveshark came from a 40-person company, Escape Media Group, based in Gainesville, Florida. Due to a complaint from a major entertainment company Apple has pulled Grooveshark’s music streaming application from its store just after few days the application has been launched.

Around August 11, Grooveshark’s iPhone application has been launched, when Vishal Agarwala, its director of marketing and business development, wrote on Twitter that Apple had approved it. Grooveshark, which is in the rivalry with other streaming services for instance, Spotify has received a letter from Apple, regarding the complaint to Grooveshark just after five days. They received a letter from Apple in which they said that Universal Music Group UK had complained and that its mobile application will be withdrawn from the iTunes Store, according to Grooveshark.

Grooveshark says that they absolutely surprised and will not give up until they figure out how fix this and get Grooveshark for the iPhone back in the App Store. Grooveshark said on its blog that those users who managed to download Grooveshark in the five-day window will find that the the application still works.

Grooveshark allows people to have access to their music collections through the internet connection, from wherever they can; and let their users to upload songs to its service, and they let people stream music, share and create their play lists from its website. The center of the complaint is not cleared but the music was still available on the website of Grooveshark.