Since its launch at the beginning of last month, the advertising platform of Apple’s iAd mobile has received mixed reviews. Advertisers and publishers are reportedly impressed with the initial results. However, delays have been experienced by some ad campaigns as an agency endeavor to learn the new system.

Furthermore, according to a Wall Street Journal report Apple has kept a tight control on the creative aspects of ad-making the creation of mobile ads laborious and more time consuming, which the advertisers are not used to. One of Apple’s iAd launch partners, luxury marketer Chanel, is believed to have given up on all its efforts for now. On the other hand, it has been cited in a Los Angeles Times report that customers spent an average of 90 seconds in its iAd, which compared with the interaction times for other online ads is ten times longer. has increased its charges for ad space by 177 percent since it enabled iAd in its iPhone app. The CEO of Backflip Studios (gaming firm) believes that iAd has exceeded their expectations. iAd is designed such that users can view full-screen video and interactive ad content without having to leave the app and viewing the advertiser’s web page via a web browser. According to Apple’s claim, iPhone OS 4 enables the developers to easily embed iAd “opportunities” within their apps and receive 60 percent of the revenue of iAd.