Well, it seems that Nintendo isn’t the only gaming company that thinks Apple is the “enemy of the future”. Now-a-days Sony is also aiming at the Apple gaming console. There is a new television commercial for the Sony PSP in which there is a characteristic like mobile gaming experience on a Smartphone which is almost like an iPhone.

In this new ad of Sony PSP, Marcus Rivers mentions that iPhone is built for stuff like ‘texting your grandma and calling your girl’, while PSP has been built ‘for big boy games’ which can be as cheap as $9.99.

The older traditional games of PSP which are exciting and stores typical high-ending are sold at $9.99, which claims a superior experience on PSP. It’s quite interesting that PSP is setting itself unconventional to the iPhone games. Sony is also promoting older games at cheaper prices so that they can enjoy the PSP instead of looking ahead for upcoming designations.

The long-established gaming hardware companies have been looking to Apple as ever more practical competitor with Sony, as Sony is planning for newer mobile gaming devices. It is noticed that wilting PSP sale seems to have escorted Sony to take on the Apple’s application store as on the move for gaming. However, the plan carries various hazards of bringing the iPhone even further into the mainstream gaming world.