According to an interview published by, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan, while discussing his company’s long running dispute with Apple appears to have given up on the efforts to convince Apple to adopt Flash. It was in the late April that the dispute between both the companies came to a head, when Steve Jobs described his “thoughts on flash” and outlined the dispute from his point of view.

In his company’s defense, Narayan attempted to contrast the “closed” ecosystem of Apple with the “open” system adopted by Adobe. In his interview, Narayan also stated that Apple has chosen and made their decision to keep their system closed. However, unlike them Adobe believes in open systems, power of the internet and in customers making their own choices.

Therefore, making their choice and regarding it as a business decision, Adobe has decided to move on. With his believe in the innovation and energy of their company, he said their company would rather focus on working with partners who are interested and want to deliver the best experience with Flash. An investigation of Apple is being pursued currently by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission, regarding its business practices with respect to the Flash technology.