Evolution Defense – the new invention of Tower Defense genre. Evolution Defense has brought about new potential to one of the most addictive Tower Defense genres using the power of genetics. The viruses are evolving speedily and are approaching to attack you.

These DNA-based enemies are out to attack you with more than 16 million possible combinations of virus DNA. The threat is almost never ending as there are more than 16 million foes to combat, which keep on evolving new strengths and special abilities. With the help of intelligent placement, constant upgrades and exposure to fighting viruses, you can strengthen your defenses and also build immunity to fight these virulent enemies.

After you have polished your defensive skills in single player mode, use the powerful multi-player mode and challenge a friend. The powerful genetic engineering tools let you mutate and combine to form new viruses. Before the level of infection becomes critical, and you are overwhelmed, you’ll need all these tools to stop them and unleash the new surprises on your opponent. This brings boundless possibilities to the game as things are taken to the next level as a wave after wave of constantly evolving viruses is unleashed on one another. Evolution Defense can be downloaded for free from the App Store.