iPhone 4 product review is challenging for anyone who loves smartphones. For end users, this is one piece of gadgetry that has made leaps in the availability of applications and with the introduction of the Rage game by id Software, more and more will want to get their hands on this product.

On the surface, the polished look of the phone is aesthetically beautiful, however, most end users complain that the black polished look only looks good when it is not touched; otherwise the fingerprints easily smudge the surface and find themselves keeping on wiping the surfaces just to get rid of the prints.

The multitasking needs of the end users is satisfied to the fullest for the new software iOS 4 has features that can make the need for a laptop just to access mail passé. However, some complain that if the internet signal is weak the phone does not really function all that well.

For game applications, there is only one word: fantastic. It can actually outperform the Xbox and the PlayStation 2 which have observers wondering what is going to be next. With the best of the latest technology inside the small and handy phone, at its current performance level, the next model would have a lot of ground to cover.

One thing to note, for end users in Asia where the chargers can be sometimes hard to look for, no generic chargers should ever be used for the iPhone 4. Sometimes simply plugging the generic charger in can cause irreparable damage and it is not worth the risk in destroying this phone. It would be best to either never forget to bring the charger wherever the user may be or to purchase an original one. Although a bit expensive, it is more expensive in the end if the gadget is destroyed.