iPhone sales have continued to climb the ranks in mobile phone user preference. The steady climb in the second quarter report has just proven that Apple is still going strong and even if Motorola is still ahead of it, its continuing decline in sales and market share value will definitely place the company below the performance level of Apple if the trend continues.

With the recent release of the video game Rage running at 60 frames per second and outdoing the performance of the Xbox and the PlayStation 2, more and more end users would be turning to the iPhone. Not only is the gaming improved, but the apparatus available on this phone can only be described as wonderful and surprising.

The increase in sales of the Apple product was actually due to the inventory constraints that the company imposed to make special considerations for the iPhone 4 launch at the end of the second quarter. Because of this, there was less customer demand and this may be the only reason why Motorola has about 400,000 mobile phone units sold more than the Apple’s.

Now that the constraints are out of the way, there will only be an increase in demand and sales of this mobile phone. As more and more end users are aware of the applications and games, they will demand for the unit in the succeeding months.

iPhone is only one of the few smartphone gadgets that is being marketed today, and with the steady increase in sales, will slowly and surely capture the attention of the end users.  It now remains to be seen how Apple will perform in the third quarter, but then the wind seems to be blowing in their favor.