iPhone App Store has just recently rejected Camera+ following a week of upheavals which left no choice for Apple but to let go.

What happened was that Camera+ insisted on an update that would make the end users take photos by using the volume buttons. This action was rejected by Apple as the phone could not perform that particular manoeuvre. Camera+ has since then prayed for the use of the volume buttons to be reassigned this new updated version, but confusion set in when they Tweeted the re-assignment even before Apple could make necessary actions. Although they deleted the Tweet, millions on the internet had already gotten hold of the information and this just resulted into a cascade of queries and misinformation.

With the clear policy of Apple that they should never get surprised over new developments that would affect their iPhone, being caught unprepared left no room for any other decision but to reject Camera+. Now Tap Tap Tap, the developers of Camera +, is making sure that the confusion should never happen again.

Of course it did not help anyone that the media played the chaos to the hilt which leaves some observers to wonder if this was all just a manoeuvre on Camera+’s part to increase their sales. If in the future they decide not to get back to the App Store, they are still safe for they have gained popularity.

iPhone is best known not only as a smartphone but as a phone that has applications which cannot be used in other phones. Will the loss of the Camera+ applications affect the sales? Most observers think not. They think that it will either all iron itself out after a round of negotiations or it will backfire on Tap Tap Tap. Whichever the case may be, there will be other similar applications that could always take its place in the App Store.