Most of the applications developed for the iPhone 4 are centered around AR (augmented reality), but  Gyro Air Drums break the ice. This is an application for those who love the sound of air drums, and have the hand for this instrument. It lets you use your iPhone as a virtual drumstick.

You have a virtual drum and you play on it by tapping and waving on your iDevice. Those who love this instrument know that it is somehow natural to play with imaginary drumsticks on imaginary drums, especially when the user gets to a favorite song’s drum part. The iPhone 4 app now breathes life into this imaginary musical instrument. With this app, everything depends on your wrist.

It’s a great idea, but most users need a little time and practice to be able to play a full drum beat. It really is an inventive use of the gyroscope and the app is only $2.99 in the App Store. However, you can download a free light version with a limited number of drums for those who would like to try out their drumming abilities.

Here are some instructions:

– Tilt down for low drums, up for high drums, left and right for additional drums.

– Hi hat closes when right side of the screen is touched, opens when released.

– Bass drum is kicked by tapping the left side of the screen.

– Gyroscope icon resets the center drum location to the device’s current orientation.