The application of the week from Apple is Plunderland. Not many of us will agree with Apple’s decision, as the game really fails to impress. The developer of the application, JohnnyTwoShoes has put in quite an effort to help gamers raid while they’re on a cruise.

The application has a storyline where there is a ghost, which will be the player. The player is joined on the ship by several pirates. Together, they defend their ship and drown their enemies. Looting villages and stealing money is all part of the pillage. The player travels from one port to another, from one village to another. It is not very captivating or exciting and the game is extremely repetitive, in fact, you might want to switch off your iPhone once you’re through with the first three islands.

However, the graphics are absolutely amazing. You’ll be required to use a lot of hands to tilt your phone in order to sail. When your cruise experiences a storm, you’ll find the water moving in an irregular motion, thereby making it difficult for you to sail through.

There are different ways of defeating your enemy; the British warships. You can target the enemy with cannons, and bomb them away. Targeting is simple; you will find a dotted line appearing on your screen which will help you focus. After, you’ve determined your target, release your fingers and watch the cannon make the connection. Another interesting approach of getting rid of your enemies is by bombing them with their own cannons. Every time your enemy fires at you, their cannons will puff a cloud of smoke. When you see that smoke, get ready to release your fingers; once they shoot and you let go of your fingers, you will deflect the cannonball and split it into two.

It may sound interesting now, but the cannonballs come along so often that you may grow tired of it very quickly. After you get past the first few villages, the more advanced levels do have much more to offer.

The app is available in the App Store for $2.99.