The iPad has been called a lot of things from the moment rumors of its existence started circulating, from revolutionary to overhyped. The truth is as always, never that simple. The iPad is a great device and it has revolutionized the tablet industry but in certain ways, it is overhyped because it lacks key features that you would expect from any “revolutionary” product. Now as Apple announced a new generation of iPad (that could be smaller), there are plenty of things it could improve on, some of which are as follows.

Introduction of open source software

Open source software is the next step forward in computer programming. Not only does it result in cheaper, efficient and more secure software, it also allows many talented and creative individuals to work together, improving something for the betterment of all. This is the reason Google’s Android has taken the market by storm while Apple has only made relatively modest gains. Opening up Apple’s software in time for the next generation iPad, would be great.

Installing a changeable battery

The iPad seeks to replace laptops and other portable computing devices and yet it has sealed its battery. Allowing users to change its batteries will certainly broaden its appeal to a wider range of consumers.

Installing a few USB ports

Apple’s marketing strategy revolves around selling its products with different storage capacities. Unfortunately, this approach puts serious constraints on the iPad and locks out the ability of using a wide variety of hardware add-ons. Its time Apple gave the iPad more flexibility by installing a few USB ports.