Earlier this week, a serious browser-related security flaw was identified on all iOS devices and Apple has finally announced a patch to fix it.

The flaw was soon identified after the iPhone Dev Team released the newest version of the jailbreak software. The program, which worked via the iPhone mobile Safari browser, seemed to exploit a security flaw, which is related to the manner in which the browser loads PDF files from websites.

Apple stated that it was aware of the problem and it had already come up with a fix. The company further stated that it would roll out the patch to customers very soon. However, Apple did not give a specific date, which could mean either that Apple is still perfecting the patch or waiting to further analyze the problem to make sure there are no other major security flaws.

Experts claim that two major vulnerabilities were exposed. Firstly the manner in which the browser parses PDF files, allows the code to enter a protective sand box. The secondly, the flaw allows the code to break out of the sandbox and take control of key functions of the particular device. This is not a minor flaw, in fact, the seriousness of it prompted the German government to issues an official warning.