MotionX GPS Lite is a very simple and easy to use application that allows users to benefit from Global Positioning Systems (GPS).  The features, graphics and interface are stable and smooth.

The features of the MotionX GPS Lite are relatively similar to those that you will find on a standard GPS receiver and include the following:

  • Ability to accurately determine your location from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Setting waypoints to monitor, track and plan your trip from point A to Point B
  • A digital compass to aid navigation
  • Tracking various outdoor activities such as jogging, biking, sailing, etc
  • Sharing information on tracks via e-mail or social networking apps
  • Access to the iPod feature while using the app.

Remember that you must have a clear view of the sky to use the app properly. To access all the functions of the app, the particular device must have a GPS chip installed and currently only the iPhone and the iPad come with a GPS chip. In addition, information on maps or directions can be gained via WiFi. The support page and learning curve is also relatively simple, which is great for every kind of user.

Overall, the free app is packed with features that are perfect for those who want to use enhance their outdoor activities.