Wikipedia is now a household name. The amazing website offers tons of information on virtually every topic known to man. Now, Discover – by Coooliris – offers iPad users the ability to browse through their favorite encyclopedia in a magazine style interface.  The free app is very clean, stable and easy to use. Presenting Wikipedia in a magazine style only makes reading through the site all the more fun and interesting.

However, Discover is also loaded with various apps to make every Wiki experience all the better.  Some of its core features are as follows.

  • Magazine style format with a easy browsing facilities
  • Start your day by checking out the featured article and picture of the day.
  • Simply swipe down to activate the search function and swipe upwards to browse through your history.
  • Swipe leftwards to view the various facts, maps, statistics and other information
  • Shake the iPad to view random articles of the day.
  • Switch to the landscape view to view more details and related items. While the standard portrait view, lets you focus on the article alone.
  • Pinch the screen to bring out the Table of Contents, which allows users to easily navigate through the article.
  • Tap and hold on word to check out the definition or jump to another wiki article.