Apple is famous for its ever-evolving products and now one of its freshest products, the iPad, may soon get a makeover. Recent sources suggest that the next generation of iPad will come loaded with hardware and software tweaks that could make the iPad experience all the better. Apple has been in no hurry to make serious statements, and it seems content with leaking out a few details and spreading a few rumors for now.

One interesting rumor that may well become a reality is that Apple might release a new version of the iPad in early 2011. What is really getting experts interested is the claim that the new version of the iPad might be relatively smaller (around 7 inches) than the current models (9.7 inches).  This maybe an attempt to enter a new low-cost market, that is somewhere in-between the iPod touch and the current iPad. Furthermore, recent issues regarding the supply of iPad display screens might also have played a role in the decision to create a smaller iPad. Of course, a smaller iPad may be sold as an alternative version of the next generation iPad, allowing consumers to choose from two different sizes.  Apple is still remaining tight-lipped and until more information is given out, we can only pace around the room trying to work our minds around the latest set of rumors.