Carrying Cases Get Executive Designs For On The Go Professionals

I have been shopping around for a simple but yet functional “Executive Carrying Case” for my iPad.  I wanted something small, slim, stylish and yet functional enough to contain the bare essentials, such as a power cord and even a stand.  I searched high and low and while I have a Cocoon Harlem Sling, which I love.  I just could not see myself in a suit and tie looking like something from GQ Magazine and then having the sling wrapping around my shoulder and having the strap wrinkling my suit.

No, I needed an Executive Carrier and it was not easy to find.  I did not want something bulky with all kinds of utility pockets.  It was then I came upon Incipio, only recently. Their teK-nical Sleeve Case, fit my bill of needs perfectly and might fit yours as well.  It’s slim design is elegant in its simplicity.  It is constructed of a nylon condora with a wonderfully soft velor interior where the iPad is stored.  The exterior has two full sized exterior pockets cleverly hidden by being built into the design of the carriers chassis as apposed to being and “add-on”.  The pockets lend to the cases protection of the iPad by being constructed of a memory foam encased by what appears to be a polyester fabric, which is where you are afforded the choice of either colors being Black, or Olive Green.

The pockets openings (on both sides) are where the handles cinch in to the carrier.  They are literally pockets, with no zippers.  This design is quite efficient and smart as when you want the carrier to become a simple sleeve, all one needs to do is tuck the handles into the pockets and viola! Instant sleeve.  The pockets are great for carrying around basic items such as pens, power cords, thumb drives and the like.  It even affords space while not being too bulky for an iPad stand like the JaDu: Skadoosh.  The teK-nical has a quality, double zipper that zips open and closed from two directions and the zipper open across the top and down one of the sides allowing for a generous amount of room to insert and store your iPad.

My only complaint is that the memory foam is a very stiff and “slow” form of the substance.  By slow I mean if you take your finger and poke into the foam, the dent you make will stay there for hours.  Eventually it will return to shape and seem like it never was there, but it takes a long time.  This is a small gripe and one that should not make you think twice about getting this carrier if you are in need of a sleeve/carrier.

Features include:

  • Thin, protective and stylish case for your Apple iPad
  • Made of high quality cushioning memory foam
  • Convertible Handles – Simply tuck the handle away and use the tek-nical as a sleeve

My personal opinion of the teK-nical is that when I need to go anywhere for business or just a quick jaunt, this is the carrier I personally use and as far as executive carriers go?  This one is tops.  I have no need for another and at $34.99 this is a rather reasonably, fashionable, functional carrier that simply can’t disappoint.  You should really have one.