Incipio iPad Cases; “Feather” & “1337” Hit Niches Not Previously Addressed.

Incipio Cases are pretty amazing.  For the longest time I have been nuts about Speck products and the cases they produce.  But I have just recently been turned on to Incipio, and while Speck for the longest time was believed by me to be the only real premium manufacturer for protective products for our iDevices, Incipio has jumped to the same status with me that Spck has.  That says a lot.

Incipio, has one more thing going for them that speck does not have.  From what I can tell it looks like Incipio has about three times the selection of products and Incipio wastes no time in getting them out into the market place (which is really, rather nice).

So I managed to get my hands on two cases from Incipio.  The “Feather” and the “1337”.  Both are rather impressive cases that deal with two completely different needs by iPad users.  This does not disqualify Incipio for iPhone needs or other devices.  However for the purposes of this review, we’re sticking to iPad needs and if this is not to your tastes, too bad.  Because the iPad is the new kid on the block and reviews like this are in high demand.  So off we go…

The Feather, is a wonderfully crafted ultra-slim case for the iPad.  The case from all angles measures just slightly over one millimeter (1mm) thick. It is constructed of a strong yet highly flexible Polymer that has a soft texture to it very similar to the tactile feeling of an iFrogz case and believe me, I love the way iFrogz feel.

The Feather is designed with brilliance and style.  It clips onto the iPad with the sides of the case having ever so slight of, but rigid “lips”, that hook on to the aluminum bezel of the iPad and while that clip is barely on, it is solid and holds.  The Feather does not slip from its clutching the iPad and holds with a pure form that is flawless.  The protection is extremely simple and basic, but what else would you expect from such a thin cover that adds no additional bulk to the device?  The Feather is prone to scratching like any other case, so do not expect additional strides in durability, though that is no small feat of the Feather and this is one tough case.  Scratches to the back and sides of the iPad will be averted with the Feathers use.  The fit of the Feather is likened to a glove.  It is snug and secure with no movement or play.

My only gripe with the feather is that while you get solid and quality protection on the sides of the iPad, and all the ports are open and easily accessed it is overdone in two areas for there is absolutely no protection afforded the top or bottom.  For the life of me I cannot understand the reasoning for this.  The top/bottom could be constructed the same exact way as the corners with no lip but just a simple 1mm wall open in areas to allow the port openings to be exposed where necessary.  This will still allow for flexibility for attachment and removal of the case (which is easy by the way).

Features include:

  • Ultra light, ultra strong polymer
  • Less than 1mm thin – for superior protection without adding bulk
  • Soft touch matte finish
  • Light as a feather, form-fitting durable protection
  • Includes a Surface Protector and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The feather comes in:Black, Charcoal, Magenta, Purple, & Frost. and at $34.99 is a fantastic case (despite the neglect of the Top/Bottom) for use if you need a case that adds no discernible bulk, yes protects the iPad chassis from almost all scratches.

The “1337”, for those of you not in the know is spelled in “Elite-Speak”.  “1337” = ‘Lite or “ELITE”.  The 1337 is for gaming pruposes mainly, with use of the iPad.  The construction of the 1337 is that of a soft but durable silicone with ultra-thick corners that allow for a solid “Joy-pad-like” grip of the iPad.  Essentially, the 1337 is not much more than a silicone case with tangibly, grippy corners so that ardent gamers can easily hold on to, and manipulate the iPad and its controls in order to play more expertly by haava better leverage over the device.  Remember, the iPad is very thin.  And while that is cool for travel for gaming it is a serious pain.

This is where the 1337 comes into play (no pun intended), to allow gamers the best of all worlds.  This is especially true when used in conjunction with the above mentioned “Feather” case.  No one else will tell you this, but with a little effort, you can actually shoe-horn the iPad with the Feather still attached into the 1337.  This allows you the ease of slipping the iPad into the 1337 while having the feather still on it.  It takes a bit of work, but nothing insurmountable or terribly aggravating.

My only gripe with the 1337 is the spacing on all four sides where the thick corners stop are not large enough to accommodate stands or ports.  This saddened me, but should not deter you from acquiring one if you’re in the market for such a case.  The reason I still give this such a favorable rating despite the glaring shortcoming is due to the ease of the 1337 removal from the iPad.  As a result while a short-coming, it is a light snag as the 1337 affords not only scratch but kinetic protection in the horrible case of a dropped iPad.  In this scenario, the 1337 will absorb a lot of abuse, essentially taking a bullet for the iPad and whats more, those super thick four corners for grip have a lot of silicone to take the brunt of some pretty hard abuse.

Features include:

  • High density silicone provides extreme protection
  • Molded design provides added grip for extra control to enhance your gaming experience
  • Includes a Surface Protector and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The 1337 comes in Black, Red, Yellow and is priced at $34.99.  So if the gamer in you needs that edge and the ability to actually grip your ipad for hardcore play?  Be elite and go with the 1337 so u can pwn those n00bz.