As we integrate ourselves into social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, we have to process ever-increasing information and as every hardcore social networker knows, that can be quite overwhelming. This is where the Flipboard app comes in. The app aims to help us make sense of all that is going in our on-line worlds by presenting the news links on Twitter and Facebook media streams in a style similar to that of a magazine. While at first this may not seem as significant, users will soon realize how much control they have over the vast amount of information going around and being shared. The feeling of being able to process all the information in a methodical manner is a truly satisfying feeling.

The app features many different channels including culture, tech and music. Simply tap the channel you are interested in and all the relevant articles are presented in a magazine style, complete with headlines, the first few paragraphs of the article and a picture. To view the full article, tap any part of the preview. Afterwards, you can swipe to flip pages as you would in a regular magazine. Browsing around and moving from article to article is a very simple process.

When Facebook and Twitter are integrated to Flipboard, the application automatically gives you previews of the stories that are being circulated by your friends. This way you do not need to make up your mind based on a subject line or link source, as with the traditional newsfeeds. The advantage here is that users can process a vast amount of information from Facebook and Twitter in a simple and efficient manner instead of individually clicking and browsing through material. The layout is the key feature here, it is surprisingly clean and simple and is not as cluttered as you would expect from an app of this type.

The application is still has a few glitches and teething problems due to the huge surge in demand. However, the company stated that it is taking steps to address these problems and the feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.  Once Flipboard expands its capacity over the next few weeks, it will allow a new wave of Flipboard accounts to be opened and operational. In conclusion, this app serves its purpose well and it would not be an exaggeration to call it revolutionary. It really does make a difference and the fact that it is free, makes things better.