The iPhone is capable of many things and now the Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite allows users to create, edit and open Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2007 files. In addition, this app works wonders when it comes to sharing files.  Files can be e-mailed directly from the iPhone or transferred via WiFi to a computer, as long as both the phone and the computer are on the same local network.

The Quickoffice app feels very similar to the PC version of MS office. One of such familiar feature is the “find” function that lets you search for things inside word or excel files. The user-interface is simple and easy to navigate and includes a help feature to give you any assistance if necessary.

The main features of the app include

  • Adjustable Text formatting
  • Ability to add bullets
  • Ability to add and delete columns and rows
  • Different font colors, sizes and styles
  • Different background colors
  • Text highlighter

While the app is not a fully-fledged alternative to a PC or laptop version of an office suite, it fulfils basic functions and is great for minor editing or accessing files in a hurry. Furthermore, the convenience of having access to your important office files and the ability to venture out of your office without your laptop in tow is an amazing feeling indeed. The suite is available in the App Store for $9.99