Every now and then, we come across a handful of apps that stand out from the thousands created each year and one such app is Angry Birds, which is taking millions of users by storm. In fact, Angry birds is the most popular paid app in 49 countries around the world.

As its name suggest, users will have to assist a bunch of angry birds in their quest for vengeance against a bunch of pigs. The pigs are holed up in defensive structures made from wood, glass and stone. In every level, users will have five birds to launch at the structures with a slingshot. The less birds used to destroy the pigs, the more points gained.

The key is to select a trajectory to strike the weakest part of the structures. If you hit the right spot, you will be able to complete the level in a few shots. Using a few birds can win you a three star ranking or higher. However, if you fail to kill all the pigs in five shots, you will have to replay the entire level.

The app is very stable and has a very simple learning curve. Furthermore, the graphics and sound effects go very well with the game.

For $0.99, this app is certainly worth it and once you download it you will know why. After all there is no greater satisfaction that slinging something at something.