How many times have you been too shy or too stubborn to ask where? Or more interestingly, how many times have you given up at the thought of the grueling search process that would be necessary to answer that question?

Thankfully, there is now an app to fix our daily navigational woes. As its name would suggest, the WHERE app seeks to be an all-in-one navigational tool and is very useful.

There are over 15 different features on this application to grab your attention. The features include change of location capability, pre-categorized searches, Yellow Pages and the manual search option. It is the perfect for helping you find the sort of business or service you are looking out for.

There are a few glitches though; the app does have a problem in pin pointing your exact location and the Yellow Pages responds properly only to predetermined searches and does not function properly with the manual search option. The user interface is quite simple and the app itself is easy to use. There are no serious stability issues and it seemed to work without any noticeable errors.

However, while the app can certainly improve, it does fulfill its basic functions and is easy to use, making it a good navigational tool for free, regardless.