Everyone loves an interesting challenge every now and then but how about a game that is simply impossible to win? Will it remind us of our own humility or will it push us further into an addictive frenzy? These questions will be running through your mind as soon as you try out The Impossible Game by FlukeDuke. The game starts with a catchy tune and sooner or later you will have to evade triangles, spikes and a whole lot more, only to try over and over again.

The sheer frustration or thrill l- depending on how you see it – will only put you in an addiction-induced frenzy and soon you won’t even realize that you are on your 100th attempt. The game itself is very stable and the interface is clean and simple. The clear graphics and the smooth engine resulted in very smooth play and no noticeable delays.

As time goes by and once you master the timing and accuracy, you will be able to take your little orange square further than ever before. In addition, with every difficulty level, users will have to earn four medals. This not only motivates you but also adds to the thrill of the game, available for only $0.99 in the App Store.