Imagine a world where you can access virtually any type of information and now imagine that world in your iPhone, that world is now a reality with WolframAlpha – by Wolfram Alpha LLC. This application can be very useful to everyone from students to experts. This app has detailed information on various subjects including English, history, mathematics and science to name a few. Most impressive of all is the word find feature, if you type in a word, you get access to a myriad of information, including the definition of the word, statistics of the word use, history of the word and origin of the word. Tough mathematical questions are easily broken down and all you have to do is enter the relevant equation or formula to generate an answer. Scientific information is equally impressive; for example, simply type a specific subject like a cup of milk and you will get all the nutritional information on a cup of milk. WolframAlpha is like a fully functional, interactive encyclopedia and is perfect for all levels of use.

Some drawbacks include less that awesome graphics, a cluttered user interface and a few glitches when it comes to information input. However, all-round this application is extremely useful and fulfils its most important functions without a problem. WolframAlpha is available in the App Store for $2.