According to a recent article by Bloomberg, more than a year ago, a senior Apple engineer raised concerns over the design of the iPhone 4’s antenna and its potential to drop calls.

According to Bloomberg sources, the engineer in question, Ruben Caballero, an antenna expert who worked on the design of the iPhone 4, contacted the management with regards to the antenna design and believed it could cause reception problems. In addition, sources claim that a “carrier partner” also raised concerns over potential antenna problems. These latest round of reports confirm what recent qualified third parties have said since the iPhone 4 “death grip” was first discovered. While Apple declined to comment on this, it will be holding a special press conference regarding the iPhone 4.

These reports are also the first indication that Apple’s internal management knew about the iPhone’s potential problem before its release in June. Thus far, Apple’s only official reaction was a recent software fix that seems to be ineffective up to this point.

The reports further confirm the internal struggles between Apple design and engineering teams. However  Apple had a very good solution for this situation, so download the iPhone 4 Case Program application and then choose a free case from a limited number of options. Keep in mind that the program is only valid until the end of September.

The options are as follows:


Apple is offering its own bumper case, which is made of rubber and plastic and covers the edges of the iPhone. Keep in mind that the front and back are left exposed but it does eliminate any antenna issues.


Incase is offering The Snap case in both Smoke and Clear. The case is quite durable and covers the entire phone while allowing full access to the buttons.


Belkin is featuring the Belkin Shield Case, which is a form-fitting transparent plastic case.


Griffin is showing off its Motif and Reveal cases. Motif is made a flexible scuff and tear-resistant material, while the Reveal is a hardback case with thin rubber sides to protect controls.


Speck is featuring the Speck Fitted and the SpeckPixelSkin HD. The Speck Fitted is a hard case, which leaves controls exposed, while the Speck PixelSkin HD is a flexible skin with a textured grip and press-through buttons to protect the controls.