Apple has finally got around to addressing its iPhone antenna issues by giving out free bumper cases and refunds for anyone who has already bought one. On Friday, Apple officially rolled out the program and instructed users to download the “iPhone 4 case program” app. As predicted earlier, iPhone will be distributing cases from various third parties as well. Accordingly, users can choose from a range of eight cases from Apple, Incase, Belkin, Griffin and Spec.

For users of new iPhones, the deadline is September 30. However, if you bought an iPhone 4 before July 23, then the deadline to request a free bumper case is August 22. If you have already bought an iPhone 4 bumper case from an Apple Retail Store, then you will receive a refund via a charge back to the credit card used for the purchase. However, if you bought a case from an AT&T store, then you will have to fill out the rebate coupon form and mail it to Apple before September 30.

Basically, you will have to download the “iPhone 4 case program”, browse the options and choose a case that you like.  Keep in mind, that the options for the cases are pretty limited. Not all the third party cases are available and the manufacturers that are included are not featuring all their case products. In addition, the Apple case that is featured is available only in black, despite the fact that it is manufactured in a variety of different colors.