After weeks of criticism and speculation, Apple finally rolled out its plans to give iPhone 4 users a free bumper case to address the phone’s antenna issues. Apple also promised to refund anyone who had already bought a bumper case.

This week, Apple instructed customers to download an application called “iPhone 4 Case program” to submit their claims. Keep in mind that owners will only have access the program until 22nd of August. Furthermore, while users will be allowed to choose a free bumper or case from a wide variety of options, ultimately the type of bumper case users will get is up to Apple to decide. The company also reserved the right to discontinue the program without notice. This confirms its earlier stance that the bumper case program will be strictly temporary.

While industry watchers expressed hopes that Apple will address the antenna issues in future models, Consumer Reports criticized Apple for not offering the cases indefinitely and for not including the case with new units of the iPhone 4.

Even after the antenna scandal, dubbed “Antennagate” the company has recorded strong sales. In fact, Apple maintains that the iPhone 4 is the company’s best selling product thus far.