Pandora Radio is like your own personal internet radio station. Featuring superb quality, the app works on 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks. The application is simple and intelligent. Users begin by entering the name of an artist or song they like and Pandora generates a fully-fledged station with similar songs. While playing songs, you can choose to “thumbs up” or “thumbs-down” a particular song. When doing so, Pandora automatically uses the data to generate a better list of music to play on that station. Users can add and edit as many stations as they like. In addition, songs can be bookmarked and later bought on iTunes.

The stations play some really good music and has higher quality settings for faster networks. While stations can be easily created and edited, they can just as easily be shared with others via e-mail. Pandora’s interface is neat and simple. Apart from the standard controls and options, the app also features album cover art for each song.

The app is quite stable too, crashes are rare phenomenon and you can happily use it for hours without coming across any significant problems. The fact that this software is free makes it all the more attractive. In conclusion, the simple interface, intelligent design and great music, makes Pandora an essential part of any iPhone.