This is a very entertaining, if not, quite a mischievous game from Digital Prunes. While the cows move around from one place to another, you get to target them with anything from a rock to a heat-seeking missile. The game play is quite simple, just draw the slingshot back and release to shoot while aiming would require you to tilt your iPhone accordingly. If you do not want to spend so much time practicing, then you can opt for the laser mode, which makes targeting easier but also costs you some points.

There are three different gaming modes

Practice Mode: this allows you to play the first level without any major challenges. The objective is to master your targeting and shooting skills. This mode will keep track of your time and score but lets you try firing at will, until you get the hang of it.

Time Race: this is a relatively easier mode and you get to advance to the next level, regardless of your skill level. You can also replay each level until you are satisfied with your timing.

Classic Mode: once you have mastered your skills, you are ready for the Classic Mode. To win every level, you must earn a pre-determined score within a certain period. In addition, once a level is complete, you will have to take out stampeding bulls before they run you over.

One fun aspect of the game is the amazing power ups we get from the friendly gopher. You can ditch your stones for grenades or even use a heat-seeking missile to knock out multiple cows.

In conclusion, the lovely graphics and sound effects, along with the western background music and the price of $2, make Slingshot Cowboy Plus a superb choice to kill some time or shoot some cows for that matter.