Visuals are always more preferable to texts, especially when you are organizing your day and that is exactly what Diacarta strives to do. This interesting app is provided by Squnch, LLC for only $1.99, and lets you use various icons to create tasks and events. Therefore, instead of reading through numerous texts and notes, you can build a picture of your day.

Diacarta’s central feature is an analog clock. Simply slide your finger across the screen to switch from AM to PM or vice versa.

The user interface of this app is very simple.

First, to add an icon to represent a specific task or event, simply tap (+) and choose a relevant icon.

Next, Drag the chosen icon and place it on the appropriate time on the clock.

Finally, double-tap the selected icon and enter any details that are necessary.

You can choose from over 50 icons that cover every imaginable task, from feeding your baby to getting a haircut. If the available icons do not represent a certain task, users can use a blank icon to describe the particular task.

Once you place the icon on the clock, a one-hour slot is selected. Double-tap to enter specific details, including the start and end times. However, keep in mind that start and end times can only be set for quarter hours. You can easily browse through any day and month via the calendar button, which is great to set up future events.

In conclusion, the Diacarta is both useful and fun to use. The major complaints with this app include the inability to sync Diacarta with Google Calendar and the inability to set recurring events. However, both these issues will be addressed with version 2.