On June 15th, lots of users were disappointed to learn that the white version of the iPhone 4 was not available for pre-order or reservation. Apple issued a very plain statement, claiming that the white iPhone 4 had “proven more challenging to manufacture than expected”. On further investigation, it was revealed that the source of the problem was from Lens Technology, Apple’s glass supplier.

Accordingly, an employee at Lens Technology’s quality control department allegedly admitted that the company was going through some issues with the iPhone 4 covers. The company’s screen-printing workshop was trying to figure out the perfect combination of paint thickness and opacity. This is important since the former is necessary to give the next sub-contractor enough clearance for the digitizer overlay and the latter is necessary to satisfy the whiteness that Jony Ive and co. strives to achieve.

In conclusion, the delay may be a bit surprising but is understandable. While Apple users are certainly anxious to get their hands on the white iPhone 4, many understand that the phone’s appeal is in its design and they are willing to wait just a little longer until everything is perfect.