Following Apple’s report on antenna signal issues, which singled out smart phone rivals such as HTC and Samsung, both companies responded that their phones did not lose their signal capacity when held in an unusual manner.

The Wall Street Journal, which reported on the issue, recorded HTC claiming that there were no signal issues with its line of smart phones, despite the report released by Apple after its special press conference that was called to address the iPhone 4’s antenna issues. HTC further stated that Apple should simply focus on fixing its problems instead of dragging other competitors into the controversy.

The company CFO Hui-Meng Cheng stated that the “reception problems are certainly not common among smart phones” and added that apparently they did not give operators enough time to test the phones.

However, John Gruber of Daring Fireball pointed out that HTC’s own instruction manual for the Droid Eris has an illustration of the phone where the antenna is located, warning users not to touch that area.

The manual reads “Avoiding contact with the antenna area when the phone is in use optimizes the antenna performance and the battery life”.