Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced on Friday that a free case would be offered with every iPhone sold through September 30th. In addition, refunds will be given out to those who have already purchased a bumper case for the iPhone 4.

Consumers can apply for the free case via the Apple website, starting at the end of next week. Due to shortages, Apple will be sourcing bumper cases from a variety of third parties, so consumers will get to choose from a number of different cases. For those who want to return their iPhone 4, the 30-day full refund still stands. Regarding the decision, Steve Jobs stated during the conference ” We want to make everyone happy, and if can’t make you happy we’ll give you a full refund.”

Apple finally moved to offer the free fix after more than three weeks of rumors and complaints about the iPhone’s antenna and proximity sensors. A Consumer Reports’ review, which failed to recommend the iPhone 4 even though it topped all its smart phone ratings, only added to the growing backlash.