BodyGuardz skin on iPhone 4 has a glossy finish unlike the matte finish of other skins. There is a little extra grip that can be found at the sides and the back. This can help in maintaining the glossy finish even when the phone is used heavily. It is also good to hear that the BodyGuardz skin does not interfere with signal reception, which can be a problem with other contemporary iPhone skins. This skin is the best alternative to the iPhone 4 case. Every box of BodyGuardz skin contains two full skins so the user always has a backup. This skin is the best safeguard to the iPhone keys, grit, and the very important screen – preventing scratches and dings.

Putting the skin over the iPhone can be a little troubling, but the provided instructions can help the user equip the device with the best fitting skin. There is also a supplied spray in the BodyGuardz skin box, which helps ease the skin over the iPhone. Adjusting the screen and squeezing out the bubbles are important steps of skin application. In the beginning the user may still see bubbles and a little fog over the iPhone, but these disappear in time and the iPhone 4 looks perfectly fine.