Initially iPad emerged as a consumer product, and yet because of its many attractive features, it has begun to occupy many areas of business. It is a fact that Wells Fargo, SAP and Mercedes Benz are already using the iPad to improve productivity and efficiency. A small portion of the 3  million iPads initially sold by Apple were being utilized in the top companies. But, now we see it is so much more than an accessory for watching YouTube videos and reading books. The iPad is also a good choice for the corporate use of excel files and word documents.

An executive no longer needs to haul around a laptop and its case. The iPad can successfully replace this full size laptop with its vivid functionality and features. It can be quite suitable to corporate working style. Additionally, the accessibility to and Dropbox service facilities from the iPhone is making this accessory suitable for employers and the employees who use them. All of these benefits make the iPad a great corporate choice. It provides ease of use, convenience, functionality, and portability that is especially appreciated by business people on the go.