Today iPhone and iPad are perfect match and best choice for the people that are interested in games. KL Dartboard is the latest addition to iPad at the price of $3.99. In this, iPad plays the part of dartboard virtually and KL darts also will be thrown virtually from the iPhone. I know it is lot exciting to read and even more fun to play it for real through iPhone. Just geared up to play the game through setting the virtual dartboard on the iPad and keep it up on the wall. Get connected to the iPad from your iPhone with the help of a Bluetooth. Also, download the virtual KL darts and shoot the dart board installed for you. Do not forget to shake the iPhone to shoot the darts from it towards the virtual dart board.

The idea should be appreciated in bringing this as a game for the iPhone. OS 4 is mandatory for this game and installation. It is true that some of the reviews are quite against to this game working, but remember this is a virtual game and facing the dart board in throwing darts is need not have to be a perfect shoot. There are many ways to make this game more fun.