Some iPhone users have expressed disappointment with the fact that they were unable to upload 720P videos from their new iPhone 4 directly to video sharing sites such as YouTube. They were required to transfer it to their computer first in order to complete the upload, since it was previously impossible to do it directly from the phone. This is no longer a concern, as this week has seen the release of Pixelpipe 2.01, which offers full compatibility with iOS 4.0. This free app allows iPhone 4 users to directly upload their 720P videos to YouTube, as well as Flickr, Facebook, MobileMe, Viddler, Posterous and a whole slew of other video sharing sites. The app evens works via email and FTP. The only caveat is that the videos cannot be over 200 MB in size.

It should also be mentioned that a few users are experiencing a few technical difficulties with the latest version of the app, but the developers hope to get that fixed soon. If you are one of the few having trouble with it, be on the lookout for competing apps to appear in the near future, since other developers are sure to create a similar product now that they know it is possible to upload 720p videos.