Earlier this month, Hulu finally released its long-awaited app for both the iPhone and iPad. While it is a free download, customers have to pay just under $10 a month to access the content, which is available right now as a free, limited preview.

The app is called Hulu Plus, and is not intended as a total replacement for their Hulu.com website, according to the company’s official blog. They are calling the service a revolutionary new subscription product that is supported by ads, which seeks to complement its existing service. If you see a TV series offered on their service that you like to watch, you can almost guarantee they will have every single episode available for you to download, not just a few random episodes.

Hulu Plus subscribers will be able to access complete back catalogs of some of the greatest TV shows. Some of the critically acclaimed series available for Hulu Plus subscribers include The X-Files, Ally McBeal, Family Guy, Arrested Development, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Law and Order: SVU, Roswell, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

In order to download the app, iPhone and iPad users must visit hulu.com/plus where they can request an invite to become a member of the Hulu Plus service. Once users download the free app, they will be able to watch television shows over both 3G networks and Wi-Fi.

Hulu Plus literally offers thousands of episodes from a choice of hundreds of various TV shows.

Hulu was very concerned over an app that ABC debuted at the iPad launch, which allowed users to view ABC’s entire catalogue of TV shows for free, supported only by ads. It was reported that Hulu CEO, Jason Kilar, apparently tried his best to convince ABC not to release its free iPad software. It remains to be seen how much this will affect Hulu’s subscription-based services in the long run.