JaDu Industries Strikes Perfect Serendipity With A Stand That Exceeds Expectations

Ahhh, the iPad.  In so many methods it delivers in ways that were lost to us before its entry into our lives.  The ability to VNC to a real PC on the go, leaving you with a light 1.5 LB unit to carry around with the power of a 2 terabyte system .  The internet is easily accessed by it.  The games are marvelous.  All these things and more have been made available.  But in my search to find an appropriate way to actually utilize the iPad in a way where I can use both hands while not forcing them to pull the double duty of manipulating this marvelous tool of technology while also having to hold it. Or just having a functional location to place it that makes it able to be utilized while not taking up too much space has been bleak as well as disappointing.  So for months now  I have been searching for a stand to perform this exact duty.  One for actual laptop use on the couch, bed.  Another for table-top use for my desk and travel.  The former will come in another review shortly, the latter is here, now.  Available for you to get if you want it.  The company, JaDu Industries.  The product, The Skadoosh Stand.

I can say right now before I begin, that there are not too many stands out there for the iPad.  Most of them are really rather unimpressive and lack a versatility to their function which I have found -in my opinion- not only disappointing, but also unimaginative and even, lazy.  The Skadoosh however, is exactly what you want and need out of a stand for the iPad, or any other tablet device, for that matter.  Now if you wish, you can stop reading right now, go to another article or web site, walk the dog, whatever and know that you should get it.  However, if you wish specific details on the Skadoosh, read on as I will be going into extremely specific detail for your edification.

The Skadoosh was conceived, designed and implemented by Dustin Hobbs, a Tool & Die Maker by trade who also has experience with CAD design and implementation.  He came up with -what appears to be- the odd name of his company JaDu Industries by a very cute and colloquial means.  Dustin, is a married man, you see.  And his lovely wife is named “Jazzy”.  A cool name indeed.  And being the loving husband he is, he brought his wife into his enterprise.  Thus, this husband & wife corporate team named the the company JaDu JAzzy and DUstin Industries‘ and what these two have created in the Skadoosh is nothing short of superlative.

The Skadoosh is more than the jovial battle cry of Kung Fu Panda.  No, in this case it is a table-top stand, machine crafted and forged out of aluminum. Its high-tech styling is simply beautiful and compliments the Hi-Tech look/feel/image of the iPad.  The finish which is anodized, is a perfect match for the iPads aluminum backing and is as light weight as it is tough and for those of you who need that personal flare for a little extra cash you can get a custom logo or engraving laser etched into the front plate. The stand functions by use of a cylindrical “rocker” which rotates within the aluminum chassis to allow for varied positions.  It has been hollowed out and shaped to accommodate the iPad and about any case that envelops it.  Positioning of the iPad within the welcoming embrace of the Skadoosh -whether in portrait or landscape orientation- is a breeze with no less than eleven (11) adjustable positions, ranging between 44 – 20 degrees depending on what case you may or may not be using.  Pressing down the button on the left front of the stand and rocking the iPad forward a bit in order to disengage the rockers ratchet system teeth from the position it is presently locked in.  Then adjusting to the position you wish to be angled at and then letting go of the button enables you to enjoy a variety of angled settings. Before we move on, let me mention one impressive attribute of the stand and the rocker in particular.  It is that space has been made to allow a 30 Pin Adapter to be fitted within the rocker while attached to the iPad while it’s seated within the Skadoosh. Yep, that’s right, the Skadoosh allows for charging/syncing while the iPad is within its welcoming embrace while in portrait mode. Simply awesome-sauce!

The Skadoosh is a relatively compact stand with a very firm footprint that is expansive enough to create a very stable platform yet small enough to not monopolize a lot of desk space.  The secret to this stability is the very low profile of the stand which uses the iPads own weight to seat and firmly plant it, making the stand -when in a more upright position- have a very low center of gravity.  However, as you recline the iPad in this stand, that center of gravity begins to rise and shift backwards.  This would normally create the perfect environment for a backwards tip-over.  But Dustin, innovated a very practical, cool solution to this issue: a retractable reinforcement truss that swings out from under, to extend from the rear of the base to support the new center of gravity to remedy any such issues.

This position including the use of the reinforcement truss allows this stand to be viewed from any practical vantage, but this begs a very important question: How well does it allow you to type on the iPad? Typing from a fully reclined position is as stable as they come.  There is no sway from side to side and millimeters of play back and forth and only when you tap the higher parts of the screen.  The low profile of the stand lends to this by making it easy on your wrists, allowing you to actually place them on your desk and tap-tap-tap-a-roo without the nagging ache of carpal tunnel flaring up. So to answer the question plainly, “How well does it allow you to type?”  I am using the stand to support my iPad as I type this very article.  So it works to this effect well….Damn well in fact.

The Skadoosh’ semi-compact design and materials for its construction make this a “semi-portable” stand.  By this I mean sure, you can break it down and carry it around with you but not in your pocket.  No, you need a carrier, like a Cocoon Harlem Sling, or the like.  This is a bit of a bulky stand and it has sharp corners though it is very light.  It comes with its own felt bag (black) but I can’t see much use for it other than to keep the Skadoosh from getting scratched.  So you can carry it around as long as you have the room to carry it in tandem with the iPad or have a separate bag to carry it in.

I mentioned earlier that the Skadoosh was tough and I was not kidding.  The stand is made of aluminum.  Tough, light weight, and used by NASA, Soft Drink Companies and everywhere in between in our society.  I took the stand and literally kicked it around on the floor and into walls with great force and threw it to the ground with some zeal.  Aside from scores, scratches, divots and dents, nothing broke.  The stand still functions though some worse for wear.  So I decided to see exactly how well the only moving part -the rocker- would hold up to punishment.  Placing the iPad within the stand and positioning it at about a 35 degree angle and holding the base firmly with one hand I proceeded to place pressure at the top of the iPad with the other hand and pushed backwards and down to see how much force it would take to wreck the rocker stripping the ratchet mechanism that allows for its adjustable positioning.  With that force and leverage putting pressure on the rocker’s support arm and ratchet system produced a stripping at about 7 – 9 lbs of pressure stripping the mechanism and rendering the rocker useless.  This is not bad but actually good.  That is really tough and should not dissuade you but rather impress you.  The rockers support arm in this case is essentially, impervious to harm.  It’s aluminum and its high thread count screws and seats for all intents and purposes make it invulnerable and the ratchet system will break under pressure long before the arm suffers any structural failure and as I just stated, the ratchet system is already strong in and of itself.  The stand simply will not break under normal and even slightly abusive circumstances.

Length:   4.63″, 7.5″ (extended)
Width:    2.94″
Height:    1.31″
Weight:   .6 lb

The stand is compatible with just about every iPad case on the market.  I know it says on the JaDu site that it is only compatible with select cases.  To this I say Pfah!  I use on my iPad a Speck: CandyShell, which has to be one of the -if not the- thickest case on the market at 3/8″ at the edges and it works fine.  Sure it only seats into the rocker about 60% in and you will need to pre-adjust the rocker before placing the cased iPad in with such a thick case, but other than that?  It works fine.  It holds, does not move and functions like a top.  So disregard the “compatibility issue” claimed by other reports and the website.  Hilty here knows better and swears to you, no matter what case you use, the Skadoosh will work with it.  The only fault I found with the Skadoosh was regarding the rocker and how it makes contact with the iPad’s screen.  For those of you, like myself, who use a film protective cover such as Invisible Shield by Zagg or BodyGuardz, the rocker makes contact with the screen by two very focused rubber pads just located inside the rocker.  These pads bite into the film hard and as a result actually move the film on the screen ever so slightly at those specific contact points, causing air bubbles in the shape of the contact pads where none existed before.  An annoyance at best but still worth noting for you.  My solution to this while seeming drastic was not as ominous as it sounds.  I simply cut out wedges in the film where the rocker would meet the screen.  The shapes I cut were long slim  trapezoids which left those areas now exposed but hardly a concern in regards to the protection my BodyGuardz still affords and the cuts are virtually invisible.  A small flaw for an otherwise perfect stand but again, one worth noting.

So how much does this all cost?  Well, there is always a catch and here’s the rub.  The Skadoosh had an introductory price of $57.99 ($75.00 with a custom laser etched front plate) and as it stands right now on the website, those prices still stand.  However, the base price is jumping up to $100.00 (includes S&H) and yes I agree, that is VERY pricey.  So if I were you, I’d not waste any time zipping over to the website and grabbing yourself a Skadoosh before that 63% increase hike.  I spoke to Dustin regarding this and he assured me he is looking into ways to get that price down to a more reasonable level.  But in the meantime I implore you to consider what it is you’re getting here should you be pondering the idea of parting with $100 Smack-a-roos.  Aluminum chassis, solid vinyl rocker.  Superb quality and durability, as well as perfect function for viewing/typing/composition, topping it all off with a versatility that has been -until now- unheard of while maintaining a livable form of portability.  The decision is as always, up to you but I can tell you right now, you will not find a better stand for your iPad for table top use.

I highly recommend the Skadoosh even at this upcoming price, it just works too well for it to not be worth the money even at that expense.  As far as stands go?  This is not a toy. This qualifies as industrial equipment which rounds out to be one hell of an executive stand that’s as beautiful as it is portable in its utilitarian delivery.