Shortages for Apples iPad and iPhone 4 are expected to continue for some time, as initial demand for the products has outstripped the supply available from Apples overseas partners.

Some of Apple’s partners such as Foxlink have not been able to keep up with demand. The iPad has been stricken with limited availability ever since it launched in the United States in early April.

The supply problems are expected to worsen now that the iPhone 4 has launched to incredible demand. Apple sold over 600,000 iPhones on launch day to people that had pre-ordered them, and new orders aren’t expected to be filled until July 14th. But industry analysts predict things may turn around by the third quarter of 2010.

Apple ordered over 3.5 million iPads for the first half of the year, and are expected to order almost 9 million in the last half of 2010 from their suppliers. Apparently the Wi-Fi-only version is in higher demand than the 3G model.