The successful launch of the new iPhone 4 has suffered another black eye. Reports are coming in that claim you can lose reception depending on how you hold your iPhone. Apparently the new smartphone loses reception bars if your hands happen to cover the antennas on the sides of the device. The lower left corner of the phone seems to be the most problematic. Because of the specific area on the phone that is affected, this alleged problem is more likely to affect owners who happen to hold their phones in their left hands when they are talking.

Apple already sells a bumper case for the phone for $29. When you place the iPhone in one of these bumper cases, the problem disappears. This has fueled rumors that Apple might have been aware of the problem before releasing the device to the public. Perhaps it was discovered too late and they thought they could cash in on consumers for an extra $29 to solve the problem.

Regardless of what you believe, Apple has not yet made an official comment regarding this issue.