iOS 4 was released to the public on June 21 and thousands of iPhone users spent the day syncing, backing up, and updating their smartphones so they could install the latest version of the iPhone OS on their handheld devices. Unfortunately there are also thousands of people that have been frustrated with the update, experiencing technical error messages and having the update fail on them.

Some of the errors people have been experiencing might have been caused by so many people trying to perform the update at the same time, overloading Apple’s servers. While there is nothing that can be done about that, there might be a solution for those that experienced the infamous “error 3002” on their iPhone 3G when they attempted the update.

When trying to update your iPod, iPad or iPhone, most people opt for the simplest method. This involves simply doing a direct update by letting iTunes automatically upgrade your device when it detects that new software is available. You can also start the update by clicking on the update button on the information page in your iTunes software.

The second option is referred to as a restore. This can be a scary proposition for some users, as it gives you a warning message that you might lose your settings or files. There is typically nothing to worry about as long as you take the time to backup your device first. Performing a restore does take considerably longer than doing a regular update.

This is because iTunes completely erases the device, and you end up with a fresh install of the operating system. After the install is completed, it begins to restore your previous settings and syncs all your data back to your mobile device. If everything worked as planned, your Apple product should be back in the same working condition it was before you attempted the restore.

This brings us to the errors many people were experiencing with their iPhone 3G. For whatever reason, in order for the upgrade to work on this device, it needs to be restored instead of being updated. So if you were one of many that unsuccessfully tried to update your iPhone 3G, try using the restore method instead. But remember to back up your device first.