Just a matter of days before the new iPhone 4 is set to launch, Apple is reportedly trying to keep the FCC from releasing details about the latest iteration of their hand-held smartphone. A site called Patently Apple has discovered a letter that was sent from Apple to the FCC asking for a 45 day moratorium on releasing specific details about the new iPhone 4.

According to the letter they sent the FCC, the list of things they want kept quiet include the block diagram, the operational description, the applications processor schematic, the cellular radio schematic, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth schematic, the applications processor bill of material, the cellular radio bill of material, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bill of material, and information on the antenna gain and patterns.

What exactly is Apple trying to hide? And why are they concerned about it when the device is so close to launching? While Apple making confidentiality requests to the FCC is nothing new, this seems especially odd, since near-final prototypes of the iPhone have already been publicly disassembled, revealing many of their secrets. I guess we will find out when the new iPhone is released this week on June 24.