Sample photos and videos taken with the new 5 megapixel lens on the iPhone 4 have been posted by a reader of the website, According to the poster, the latest iteration of Apple’s smartphone is extremely fast and responsive. He also reports that the new, thinner design lets you stuff it in your pocket much more easily. The new camera system includes an LED flash and is able to record full HD video.

The iPhone 4 also features a new glass front and back, which aids in preventing the device from getting scratched up, although it is possible the stainless steel edges of the phone could become scratched with every-day use. The poster used the device constantly for around an hour, performing a multitude of tasks including playing games, surfing the Internet and watching videos on YouTube. Apparently the battery only drained 10 percent in that hour of heavy use.

This early hands-on test in Prague was the first time the new iPhone was publicly demonstrated  outside of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference.