The Title Says It All!  Wirelessly Sync With iTunes Effectively and Completley With Brilliant New Technology

There are some tweaks and Apps that simply amaze me.  Not all of them but a select few.  One has recently come along from a man from the land of Union Jack by the name of Greg Hughes.  This App is known as “Wi-Fi Sync” and just like it’s name-sake, it does exactly that.  It allows you to sync up with iTunes Wirelessly!.  Now why Apple refused its debut on the App Store is beyond me.  With claims that it was “unreliable” and such I simply scratch my head.  Apple must be jealous, as this is such an obvious evolutionary stage in our day and age, it sort of steps on the realm of being obvious.

So some of you must be asking, “Where can I get it?  The answer is: Cydia.  This means you must have a jailbroken (not unlocked) iDevice.  And unfortunately for those of you not jailbroken, you can’t get it.  So thus once again it is proven why jailbreak is a gift from the community and more why you must do it.  And with the recent jailbreaks coming out?  There is really no excuse as to why any of us would not JB our iDevice(s).  All that is required is you DL the correct JB tool pertaining to your devices OS ver.  Plug in the iDevice, activate the JB tool, click the button and just wait for your iDevice to reboot and you’re done.  It takes 2 minutes.

So let’s get into the details of Wi-Fi Sync (WFS).  WFS, is simply DL’d from Cydia, like any App from the App Store, it just loads on your Home Screen (SpringBoard for us in the community).  Once done, you’re a third finished.  Next is to take a walk, or surf over to and DL the system software that is applicable to your computer type (Mac, PC) and install the appropriate software.

Now for Mac/PC once you install it, you reboot and WHAM!  You’re done.  Go to your iDevice, open WFS.  Then go back to your system and find the active task icon.  On mac it will be in your upper right hand corner, PC it will  be in the lower right hand corner near your clock.  Click it and choose to pair with your device which should be recognized, once you do that you will begin to see pairing between your iDevice and your Mac/PC.  On your iDevice screen you will see a request from your Mac to “pair” with your iDevice.  Say yes and the magic begins.

Speed of the sync process is not slowed down by my estimate and if it is, it is by nano-seconds as I cannot detect any increase in time for a sync to occur.  The handiness of this being wireless is simply incredible, especially in regards to my iPad as those of us who have one know our computers do not charge it.  As a result I can keep my iPad charging while syncing wireless.  This also makes me happy in regards to my iPhone as my case for my PowerMat no longer needs to be removed for this function.  Best of all, as long as I am within my WiFi’s radius, I can sync from any room in the house.  The convenience of this should be pretty obvious.

There is another benefit to this.  The fact you can sync through wireless means absolves your iDevice from having something pushed in, pulled out of the 30-Pin Port at the bottom.  I cannot tell you as to how many iPhone have been replaced due to the port becoming broken.  I cannot tell you how clumsy that process is to plug in my iPhone/iPad.  It takes both hands and is to me, a hassle.  Even those who have a broken 30-Pin can now continue to function as it has been rendered secondary.  Simply put, it works!  You just can’t beat this, and as far as I am concerned this is a must have App.  A word to the wise, cracked versions of WFS are available through select Repo’s in Cydia.  I however would refrain from DLing them and thinking you just got yourself a free App.  Sure if you wish to actually test it out, that’s fine, but if you try to keep it and use it, upon your first use of the cracked version your browser will open up and give you a stiff warning showing your UDID, IP and the exact time of infraction.  This infraction will be excused a couple of times but if it is a chronic use of a stolen App,  Mr. Hughes will follow through on his warning and “Action will be taken” by use of the information I described to find you and steal your first born in the dead of night.  So just buy the App, it’s a little more than what a good Deli Sandwich costs here in NYC.

Again, Wi-Fi Sync can be found only on Cydia for the price of $9.99 (which is well worth the price).  Get it now, be freed from tethered Syncs and fly with the wind, as WFS will help to truly free you, your technology and your soul in this wireless age.