Mobile Safari has been the benchmark for mobile web browsers since it does a terrific job at displaying web pages that look exactly how their creator intended, and it loads them very quickly. Now there is a competitor to Safari that wants to take away some of their market share. The new Life Web Browser is currently available in the iPad App Store for just $1.99. It includes a number of interesting improvements over Mobile Safari.

Life Web Browser uses what is known as the webkit rendering engine, which is the same as Mobile Safari, so web pages still load super fast and look just as good as they currently do. When using Mobile Safari, different browser tabs are displayed as thumbnails, and you must first tap a button to display the thumbnails and then tap again to switch to that web page. To move between tabs in Life Web Browser you simply swipe left or right.

Another unique feature is Queuing. This lets the browser pre-load web pages and associate them with the top level page from which they are linked. On conventional browsers, loading pages in new tabs makes them sprawl the tabs wider across the screen, making for a huge number of tabs to navigate. This should simplify browsing for those who like to keep a lot of tabs open at once.

You can even share a page with someone else without leaving having to close down Life Web Browser. Simply tap the email link button and your link is sent!

Since the Life Web Browser has been designed from the ground up to work with iPad, it should be a hit on the platform.