A company called PowerA has developed a new app and hardware add-on for the iPhone that allows you to use your hand-held device as a universal remote. The two work together to make controlling your audio / video equipment a breeze.

The hardware portion of the package is a black plastic case that snaps around your iPhone. This contains the IR emitter that allows your iPhone to communicate with you’re audio / video equipment. The case comes in two parts that simply snap around both sides of your iPhone. Once you mount your iPhone in the case, it automatically asks you if you want to go to the App Store to download the necessary software, which is a nice feature. The software is a free download for anyone that has purchased the hardware.

The latest version of the software allows you to specify different locations (if you plan on using the remote in more than one room). Similar to other programmable universal remotes, the PowerA lets you add devices based on presets already programmed into their database for each specific manufacturer and model of a/v equipment. Once you have your devices chosen, it lets you edit almost every aspect of the layout on your iPhone screen. When you add a device, it gives you a ready-to-go remote that works right away.

The PowerA Universal Remote Case for the iPhone will be available soon for $59.99