SPECK Products Never Disappoint, Never Fail To Impress.

Look, everyone here knows I am seriously in the tank when it come to SPECK.  I have written several articles on their various and many products.  This begs to ask the Q, “Why Hilty, why are you so favorable to them?  Do they pay you?  Are you a part owner of the company?  Are you married to the bosses wife?”  The answer to all of these is; No.  The reason why I am so Pro-SPECK is because of this one constant and singular fact:

“SPECK simply does not make crap…”

It’s as simple as that, and once again SPECK does not disappoint.  Within weeks after the iPad came out Speck has begun to produce several lines of products for it.  And for this review I am speaking specifically to the function and form of the “CandyShell” for iPad.  Now way back when I wrote a very in depth article on the CandyShell (CS) for iPhone.  In regards to the CS for iPad, the same quality, care and security exist as it does for it’s little brother for iPhone.  There are however a few additions and improvements for iPad use.

The CS for iPad has a fit and form like no other, and what really makes this case so impressive is not the hard plastic outer casing but the soft silicon gel interior.  This dual action gives the iPad (which is an even more fragile device than its little brother iPhone) the real protection it needs.  The fact that the iPad is bigger and heavier makes it have a much greater chance of damage or breakage if it is dropped.  This makes having a hard exterior to disperse and deflect kinetic force while also having a soft interior to absorb whatever the exterior fails to compensate for not only a luxury, but a necessity.  A raised silicon bezel prevents the screen from being touched when the iPad is lying on flat surfaces and the overall construction is a single piece that has been injection molded and fused together to create a single piece, case.

The iPad however, is a different device from the iPhone.  Aside from it being larger the only thing it shares aside from it brand name and operating system and Apps, is iTunes.  It is not as portable or even as durable as the iPhone.  It also has more components in it which generate even more heat.  And so instead of the CS having a solid piece of rubber interior it has been honey combed to allow for the iPad to “breathe” some.  This also conveniently serves to reduce the cases weight, which is good cause even though the weight of the iPad at 1.5lb sounds light it can get heavy in ones hands quick enough.  So eliminating additional weight is always a good thing, just ask Jenny Craig.

Also, due to the iPads larger size and being a “Fatty” when compared to its smaller syblings, the CS covers the iPads 30-Pin port with a fold out partition that locks in place giving the iPad a full 360 deg, five-side protection.  This beats the CS for iPhone which leaves the port exposed.  When its time to charge or sync, simply pop back the port cover door and plug in.  Now you may be concerned that this port door will break off after so many bends.  Fear not!  As the door is hinged not by the plastic exterior with a crease but rather with the soft Silicon Gel Interior.  So the door will never just simply break off from wear-n-tear.

Head Phones and Rotation switch ports are given ample room and are exposed, while the power and volume buttons are covered protectively by the silicon interior and are raised for easy tactile recognition.  The covering of these buttons are in no way hampering the function and do not make activating them difficult.  The materials of the CS are tough and strong and will in no way fail you in normal use and the occasional bang or drop.  Believe me, I know this first hand as I dropped my iPad down a flight of 4 stairs with it tumbling end over end.  The iPad survived unscathed and the CS wore the encounter with hardly a scratch.  You can understand my sense of relief upon this encounter.  For those of you who are motorcycle enthusiasts like myself, the CS essentially acts like a high quality helmet.  You have your hard case and then your impact liner.  This describes how the Speck CS works brilliantly.  It will absorb impact and prevent serious damage and allow you to pick it back up and walk off with hardly a care.  God SPECK….How I love thee….Normal wear-n-tear will create incidental micro-abrasions, scrapes and scuffs, but better that than it being your iPad.  You can always throw on a skin found at places like GelaSkins if that bothers you though.

The CS comes in Batwing Black and Nightshade Purple and sports a retail price of $49.95 which is VERY well worth the price considering the double duty is supports as well as the other luxuries it offers.  This is one quality case, easily amongst the best out there and you cannot go wrong with it.  I have one and in order for you to be a part of the collective you must have one too.  SPECK CandyShell FTW!  Get one now, you’ll thank me later.