I can’t claim to be a big soccer fan, but I started to follow world cup competitions in the past few years. And, when you follow something you are looking for a reliable source and full coverage. The Times Online does that, so I stick with them. This London newspaper provides enough information so that novices (like me) and fanatics can all be satisfied.

In anticipation of the world cup being held in South Africa, the Times newspapers came out with a mobile version of their soccer coverage, called The Game – World Cup Edition. Since I am a constant reader of this newspaper, I already know that they deliver high quality content. The mobile app is no exception to this quality. However, the content isn’t enough to satisfy the users’ needs. The user interface has to also be at that top quality level.

When you open the app, you will find the content divided between four tabs: Blog, News, Matchcentre and Webchat. The Blog section is the area where The Times’ writers share their opinions, while the News tab is for the factual information, such as team updates and reports. As said before, the presentation part of the app has some disappointments, but the content is top-notch. The app works only in portrait mode so you will see the date in the article only if you tap on the headline.  The most recent articles are on the top, but it would be helpful to have the timestamp in a visible place.

The Webchat tab collects the transcripts of online chats with the team’s writers. Another very powerful feature of the app is the Matchcentre tab, where you can find scores, group tables and stats. In addition, there is a commentary tab that gives you minute-by-minute updates about the in-progress matches.

So, if you don’t have a television or just don’t want to stay in front of it and watch the matches, but you still want to be informed about the FIFA World Cup, the application launched by The Times Online is a good one for you. It can be downloaded for $4 from the App Store.